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SBI Bank clerks examination latest pattern study material.



Q1) Can you please tell me validity of GMAT score?

Ans: GMAT scores are valid for five years, from the date of results declared in the official website

Q2) what are the topics tested in the GMAT exam and what is the application fee?

Ans: Writing ability, Basic Math (Arithmetic, Algebra, Word Problems, Geometry) and intermediate Math (Statistics, Probability, Combinations/Permutations), and knowledge of English, logical reasoning, reading, and analytical skills.

Q3) What is the difference between GMAT and CAT exams?

Ans: CAT score is compulsory requirement for get admission in INDIAN INSTITUTES OF MANAGEMENT and also accepted by several Indian MBA institutes.

If your choice is study in abroad the GMAT score is essential. Some colleges in India accepting both GMAT and CAT exam scores. For best international business schools the GMAT score is compulsory it never accept the CAT score.

Q4) How many times it would be possible to write GMAT exam?

Ans: You can take the GMAT exam 5 times in any 12 months and it would be 31 days gap between two exams. There no chance for cheating every time they check your details through biometric process.

Q5) What is the maximum score on the GMAT?

Ans: The GMAT score range is between 200 and 800. Very less than or few people get 200 or 800, the majority people get score between 400 and 600. The average score is about to be 550.

Q6) Is it possible to reschedule or cancel the GMAT exam?

Ans: Yes it is possible to reschedule the exam but applicant needs to pay $50 fee to reschedule less than 7 days. If it is more than 7 days candidate lose the $250 deposit. Having a chance to apply for your money as a refundable amount after 7 days.

Q7) How can I send my GMAT score to the business schools?

Ans: Candidate having a chance to enter up to 5 school names while filling the application form .The score will automatically receive about 30 days after you take the test. Interested to send Additional request to other colleges candidate need to pay the $28 money. Some people not interested to send any information until they get result and good score. After that they have a chance to apply

Q8) what is the further use of GMAT score?

Ans:  Some of the candidates thought that after getting admission into the business school the score is useless but many of the top companies ask the GMAT score in job application process

Q9) What are the things need to bring for the exam?

Ans: You will need to bring your registration card and a valid photo identity card with actual photo and signature. Electronics gadgets are strictly prohibited in exam hall. A video camera monitoring the candidates during the exam.

Q10) Is this test have any penalty if it is not completing?        

Ans: There is penalty for not completing the questions in GMAT test. If you are in 29th question in quantitative section and the time also runs out. In such cases you better to answer the question randomly, this reduces the penalty. The value of penalty depends upon the level you are performing on the test and how many questions are un answered. Better be having some good time management plan.