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Stands for: Graduate Management Admission Test

Commonly known as: GMAT

Level: National level exam

Purpose: Admissions in graduate management programs of business schools.


The graduate management admission test is computer adaptive test intended to focus on analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English for use in admission to a graduate management program, such as an MBA in business schools.

This exam did not check the candidate business skills or any. It mainly focuses on problem solving skills, interpersonal skills. And business adaptive strategy of the candidate. How it will be useful for present competitive environment to achieve common goals of the people. Candidate can attempt the test multiple times in a year about to be 5 times and each attempt must be at least 16 days apart.

More than 2,000 universities and institutions offer 5,900 programs in MBA by taking GMAT score as a selection criteria for their programs. The test process started in the year 1953 by Graduate Management Admission Counci (GMAC).

GMAT is a computer adaptive test estimate candidate level of competence by giving questions in a flexible manner. If your answer is correct computer adapts applicant skill and provide a next question with a higher difficulty level. If it is wrong it gives an easier question. The question are fully depend on the candidate skills and time management.

One more thing in COMMON ADMISSION TEST there is chance to skip the question if candidate not known the answer but it is not possible in GMAT bound to answer in order to get the next question.



All the top business schools are inviting application from the eligible candidates through GMAT and other entrance examinations. In this application process candidate need to arrange this following credentials in admission process. These things are important after qualifying the entrance examination and second step to get admission in abroad colleges.




The statement of purpose is the mirror of the candidate. It is one of the part in application process, that is it explains student bio-data, career future plans, what are things effect you study in abroad and some more details. It is one of the chances to convey directly to the admission committee what you are and what are the qualities ideal from others to grab admission.


  • Highlight What They Are Asking For
  • Writing Language Should Be Unique
  • Ask Expert Suggestion While Filling
  • Not Show Too Much Positive Personality



A letter of recommendation is one of the important documents in admission process. Some universities declare it should be mandatory. Here we explain how to write and whom should you approach for this letter. Once admission process started candidate worried about how to get recommendation letter.

You get the letter from any one of these persons:

  • Office Colleague
  • Manager
  • Professor
  • Professionals in society
  • Business partners
  • More

Sample Letter of Recommendation
As the Professor of jntu College, I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Ram for the last two years. I would like to take this moment to recommend Ram for your graduate business program. He is an outstanding student and capable of team leading. I’m sure he completes multiple  business tasks alternatively. His decision making capability and quick response are impressive.

Ram active on social and cultural activities. When he pursuing final year graduation he make hybrid electrical vehicle it won project of the year in college.If you have any questions regarding this recommendation letter, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Siva Krishna


ABC colony




During the admission process applicant need to provide one or two reference letters in English language. References have to submit through email system and hand written letters format. In email system process candidate submit email of referee in application form it must be valid email account. Reference letter must be submit before you submit the application form and payment

Educational institution letters are mostly preferred. Other/individual email address has verification further. We suggest that taking letter from the where you have completed your studies in institution/college.

Key point: If you do not having a valid email id. What is the process to submit the letters?

In this process your referee will receive an email from the business school, allows online electronic reference system to submit the letter on paper, after submitting your application and form and payment verification.

Note: Referee only having 2 weeks of time to submit the details. It is candidate responsibility to complete the admission process of academic testimonials. Negligence may cause cancel of your admission.

Who should candidates nominate as an academic referee?

  1. Experienced professors
  2. Your tutor in graduation
  3. Head of the institution
  4. More


Candidate should submit financial fitness authorization certificate weather he capable or not to bear all the financial situations.