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             Level: International Level

              Aim: Test for Admissions into Business Schools in United States

             Type: Computer Based/Paper Based

GRE is a standardized test to get admission into various business schools in United States (US) followed by Educational Testing Service. This exam aim to test the candidate skills on different fields.

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Test is offered as computer based exam at administered at prometric testing centers. In the admission process the special importance is given to the GRE score it varies business school to schools. From the 1949 the different changes occur in the exam pattern in exam importance given to the sectional marks not for the individual questions any more.

The registration fees for take the test is US$ 205 approximately 14000 in Indian rupees. Provide Support financially to the GRE applicants who prove economically poor.

The test consists of five sections. First section checks your analytical reasoning skills and argument tasks. Next sections consist of two verbal reasoning sections, two quantitave reasoning sections, and either an experimental or research section every section have specific time.

Score is valid for 5 years and exam should be conducted multiple times in a year subjected to 3 times per year in February, October and November. Around 700 test centers and more than 160 countries organizing this test. Test language should be in English.

The Graduate Record Examination is a 3.9 hour, multiple-choice and multi-stage test. Works under the Educational Testing Service. Based on popularity and reputation business schools set their own cut off marks for GRE examination for students getting admission into top b-schools in United States.

The basic mean for the multistage test means computer check your basic performance on one section to determine the difficulty level to the next section. For example candidate performance well in the first verbal section the second section will be more difficult to solve. Hardness of questions and score increment both are vise-versa. If you are successful to solve the hardest questions you have a possibility to getting high score in GRE exam.

Preparation for the GRE is key to achieving a top score.  Investing effort and time and critical thinking can help you achieve entry into the top management school or MBA program. Higher scores may have a chance to get scholar ships in abroad.

The computer adaptive test means that every question/section will be different, and your performance on one section will determine the level of difficulty level for another section. Don’t try to analyze this process as you are taking the test. Simply attempt each question as it comes, do your best, and let go of it when it is over.

Simplification skills and good time management including critical thinking help you get the good score in the exam. Practice the old test papers and attend mock tests is the best way for preparation.


More students desire to study in abroad they are looking for green card in abroad to settle in other countries after their studies. GRE is the one of the best plat form to great foundation in abroad countries for every person. More number of business schools and reputed institutes accepting GRE score. As per the data number of test takers increased by increased every year due to quality in education and well infrastructure faster in business growth and higher employment of United States attracts the more candidates in India.

This test is designed to access academic knowledge and skills relevant to four years graduate study. High quality characteristics of the test put you higher place in competitive world.

If you are applying for a statistics program the graduate program probably place more importance on how you performed on the quantitative section than on verbal and analytical section this enhances the chance to get desired program in wish university or a business school.




Before going to attend the GRE exam candidate check out eligibility and application procedure of the exam for complete transparency and with our fail on any stage. Test is unique and it is conducted to all management students mainly to check whether they are eligible to study the desired programs in abroad.


  1. Bachelor’s degree graduates and undergraduate students who are about to graduate are eligible to attend this test.
  2. Both residents and non-residents of India are allowed to attend GRE test.
  3. It is computer based test so knowing of computer skills are important.
  4. A professional qualification like CA, ICWA, CS, with at least 55 percent marks.
  5. Submit valid photo identity during the exam.

There is no age limit specified by officials for taking the GRE. And there any defined academic eligibility for taking the test. Students can register for the test irrespective of age and education qualification.



 The GRE General Test measures an applicant’s verbal, quantitative, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. It is a multiple stage and multiple choice examination simply calculates intellectual knowledge of the candidate.The test format designed to be applicant friendly. In this exam candidate having a chance to skip the questions and have an option to, go back and change the answer of previous questions. In GMAT exam it is not possible to switch the alternative sections at a time. This is one of the reason candidates choose the GRE exam for getting admission into business schools in United States.



The test is a highly valid measure of the intellectual skills and your mental ability these factors put every common man into a respective position. The gate way has opened to check your knowledge. This is the good opportunity know what you are?

Graduate record examination board has given some guidelines to use the GRE score. Here we explain it clearly for those who use this score in graduate and business school admission and also fellowship selection process. The research selection of the GRE website includes research reports that provide with evidence in graduate admission and fellowship selection process.

The research reports found on www.ets.org/gre/research

Guidelines to use the GRE score