Scope & History


More students desire to study in abroad they are looking for green card in abroad to settle in other countries after their studies. GRE is the one of the best plat form to great foundation in abroad countries for every person. More number of business schools and reputed institutes accepting GRE score. As per the data number of test takers increased by increased every year due to quality in education and well infrastructure faster in business growth and higher employment of United States attracts the more candidates in India.

This test is designed to access academic knowledge and skills relevant to four years graduate study. High quality characteristics of the test put you higher place in competitive world.

If you are applying for a statistics program the graduate program probably place more importance on how you performed on the quantitative section than on verbal and analytical section this enhances the chance to get desired program in wish university or a business school.

Indian candidates need to give a more importance and concentrate on English communication. Foreign students are somewhat higher fluency in this language. Simple factors lag your academic career and affect the future employment. Please keep in mind that the GRE is just one of the several admission criteria. A higher score of exam does not give a guarantee to admission and below the qualified marks does not eliminate a candidate.


We have found some reasons why people show interest on GRE exam:

1) So many candidates have poor communication and grammar knowledge as well as interested to study MBA in reputed business schools in abroad. For those candidates GRE is the one of the best plat form to make their dream into reality.

2) GMAT test also offer the admission into various business schools but its test process somewhat complicated. Candidate does not have a facility to skip the question in GMAT and return to previous sections. In the GRE exam does not have these types of restrictions.

3) No integrated reasoning presented.

4) Math section is very important get better scoring in every exam. In GRE math section measures basic knowledge of mathematics. No student struggle in this section by simple practice of math basics.

5) Score is valid for 5 years and exam should be conducted multiple times in a year subjected to 3 times per year in February, October and November.

6) GRE exam registration fee less the GMAT Exam.

These are the some factors greatly affect the student for abroad study through GRE.